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    The Luxury Company Service consists in offering the client the contact with one of our Luxury Escorts that suits their preferences. This exclusive service offers the possibility for a client to spend an entire evening with one of the company girls that attend Geisha, it is also possible that one of the company girls become that “special girlfriend” and accompany the client to a dinner, party or event. The most exclusive luxury escorts in the city are hosted in Geisha Valencia, so we became the epicenter of luxury sex.

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    Geisha Escorts offers a wide range of services to its customers. We are the most exclusive place in the capital of the Turia and we guarantee total discretion and quality in our services and facilities, without a doubt what clients look for in their dates in Valencia, in their sexual meetings, in their moments of intimacy and sensuality with the ladies of company of Valencia. Geisha Valencia is framed in the activity of lodging with services of hotel so much for his clients and clients. In our facilities are not allowed any type of shows, we don’t offer the service of hostess. In Geisha we offer the integral accommodation service, in no case the company profits from another activity and we do not participate economically in the relationships that may exist between the escorts and the people who come to the hotel. ”

    Geisha offers and offers all its clients the most spacious luxury rooms, fully equipped to offer all the necessary comforts during your stay. The staff of our hostel is fully prepared to ensure the best service.

    Discretion is our main premise, as well as the total hygiene guarantees.


    The most special Sex Services and Practices with the most attractive Escorts in Valencia. Let yourself be carried away by the experience of the most sensual Company Girls and enjoy the most incredible Sexual Fantasies.

    Geisha Valencia is a local with escorts in Valencia that offers a hotel service of high standing for the most erotic meetings. The luxury escorts of Valencia who collaborate with our local are experts in erotic fantasies. You can explain your sexual fantasy and they will help you to make it come true.