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    If you want to know which of all the sexual services performed by the escorts is the most requested, this will be the most .

    frances natural completo 1200x400 1 CIM (Cum in mouth)

    Oral Sex Natural without condom Complete (ejaculation in the mouth). We can say that it is the service for which the telephone attention begins and the last act of the escort (if she performs it) in the room.

    Cum in mouth is the same as the oral sex but with ejaculation included, men who request this service, they like to hear how the girl exclaims that of “Give it to me, run away in my little mouth”. But before reaching that point, the climax, the escort has had to literally eat the penis, give a recital of oral sex with her mouth, lips, tongue and some other deep throat to get her lover to reach orgasm.

    For many, it is the service by which they come to visit a sex professional, many women consider it taboo and think that in itself it is an act of male subjection, but the truth is that eighty percent of men consult about it. most requested service.

    But in the cum in mouth it can also be the man who directs the woman, there are times when the girl stays still and asks her lover to move, that in privacy you will hear it as: “fun me in the mouth” or any other expression selected to order.

    Do not forget CIM or cum in mouth is a risky practice and that extreme hygiene is necessary, in addition if an Escort decides not to perform the service due to risk of contracting an STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), remember that she is not obliged to do what.

    ESCORTS THAT DO CIM (Cum in mouth)

    Sweet, sensual and affectionate or passionate and naughty. The Escorts in Valencia by Geisha Valencia. Escort girls for the most elegant valencia escort hotel.

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