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    GFE is the acronym of Girl Friend Experience, what in Spanish is: BRIDE DEAL. It is a sensory experience that goes beyond sex.

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    Girlfriend or GFE (GirlFriend Experience) treatment for many people who contract the sexual services of a sex professional, is like the Grail of a date with an Escort. We can summarize that it is a sensory experience, where the client does not only seek to enjoy sex, he wants to maintain an extensive and fluid conversation, a kind of intellectual orgasm mixed with doses of morbid and eroticism.

    Obviously when you look for the GFE Service (as if it were your girlfriend, the perfect girlfriend) you should keep in mind that time is essential, that is, it takes more time than in a normal sexual encounter, although sex will eventually prevail. , in the appointment will always be secondary, since the environment, the words, the gestures, conversations, drink … will be the props to get the hypnotic effect of an experience with a special girlfriend.

    It is one of the services that all Escort devotes time and dedication, being well informed is one of the keys to got a perfect harmony in the conversations that may arise with the person who hires the services, they can never leave aside the techniques of seduction, affection and an attentive look, as well as a delicate smile, help to maintain that atmosphere of relaxation.

    In a GFE meeting the Escort can also go as an escort to an event, dinner or any place that the person who hires the service must attend, where they will receive the treatment of that special girlfriend, complicity, mutual respect, kisses and everything necessary to seem to be that special and magical couple.

    All GFE (bridal treatment) make trips to hotels 24 hours a day.

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