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  • Bareback blowjob

    No doubt the most requested service by men who hire the services of an Escort. Natural oral sex or a blowjob without a condom to enjoy a fellatio to the maximum.

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    Bareback blowjob is Oral Sex without condom, it is a natural fellatio, where there is no barrier (condom) that limits the contact between the glans of the penis with the lips, tongue or mouth of the woman who performs it. We should never confuse the terms Bareback blowjob with Full Bareback blowjob , in this case, ejaculation in the mouth or on the face is not included and many of the professionals who perform this service rule out doing it completely.

    Natural oral sex provides a feeling undoubtedly more pleasant than when it is done with a condom, so the vast majority of men qualify it as an essential service among the services offered by a escort.

    The techniques in the Bareback blowjob are several, it is not only about licking the penis, gentle movements with the tongue as well as tasting and massaging every inch of the skin of the phallus and glans, they require a refined technique and achieve maximum excitement.

    Obviously when it comes to practicing sex without a condom, it is convenient to maximize hygiene, in addition the Escort reserves the right to practice it even if it announces it among its sexual services, if any person presents any anomaly in the genital area it is obvious that the service does not It must be done.

    There are many Escorts that do not include Bareback blowjob among their services, but after passing the protocol of the shower and intimate hygiene they inform the client that they perform fellatio without a condom.

    If you have any questions we will be willing to inform you before got any sexual service, remember that our main task is the complete satisfaction of the men and women who visit us every day.

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